Laminate Worktops Brighton

Without a doubt the most affordable of all the worktop options available but don’t let that deceive you, they can be just as stunning if used well. Traditionally it has been popular to select laminate worktops that imitated granite or marble, however we’ve never felt they pulled it off very well. If you want something to look like something else, it’s almost always better just to use the real thing in the first place. Thankfully the major brands who make laminate worktops have realised this and are now instead playing to their strengths and producing designs which can’t be produced in other materials, it is these designs which we would guide you towards when using laminate worktops for a stylish yet affordable option.

We use a number of the market leaders in the laminate kitchen worktop industry. Brands such as Duropal, Artis, Axiom, Wilsons Art, Bush Board… are all available from Kitchen Republic. They come in a huge selection of not only designs but also finishes, from high gloss to smooth silk or even textured matt.


  • Inexpensive,
  • Wide choice of designs,
  • Stain resistant,
  • Zero maintenance,
  • Quick installation


  • Non heat resistant,
  • Gloss finishes scratches easily,
  • Non repairable,
  • Seams can blow from water ingress,
  • Complex layouts or curves not alway possible.


  • Very easy with simple mild detergent.

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