Granite Worktops Brighton

One of the more luxurious choices when it comes to worktops and is rightly regarded as a timeless classic. There is a good choice of different granites which are imported from all over the world and is then fabricated locally just outside of Brighton. Granite is a durable and low maintenance option and is increasingly becoming more affordable, although some of the more exotic granites can still have a high price tag. The granite we use is traceable to origin so that only high quality stone is used as unfortunately some granite suppliers will employ certain tactics such as dying the stone to make it more desirable and artificially increase value.

Whilst there are a handful of ever popular types of granite used in today’s kitchen such as Nero Assoluto and Star Galaxy, there are some beautiful more unusual examples available, it all depends if you wish to make a real statement with the worktops or go for understated elegance.

We can show you many different samples and guide you through choosing the right granite for you as whilst one type of granite is suitable for one kitchen, it may not be for another. We also welcome customers to view and pick the raw slabs they would like, so you can be sure of exactly what you will be getting.

To instantly add opulence to your kitchen, granite is the perfect choice.


  • Hard wearing,
  • Interesting natural designs,
  • Stain resistant (Especially if treated),
  • Low maintenance,
  • Instant luxury,
  • Quirky layouts possible.


  • Can be expensive,
  • Non repairable (At least not invisible repairs),
  • Dark colours can show lime scale and water marks.


  • Simple mild detergent,
  • For best results treat with a stain resistant sealer periodically.

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