Glass Worktops Brighton

Glass worktops have a very distinct look like no other type of work surface. Becoming increasingly available in new and exciting designs. They can be back painted in solid colours of your choice. Metallic finishes are also becoming quite popular in today‚Äôs Brighton kitchens, however it doesn’t stop there. It is now possible to digitally print your own designs on to the back of the glass so they become as unique as you are. In addition to thick glossy clear glass finishes, the market is further widened with custom made designs and finishes. Such as fused glass whereby items such as seashells, bottle tops, gold leaf… can all be suspended within the glass. Or how about colour changing worktops? Pink one minute and green the next. This is done by back lighting the worktops with colour changing LED’s making a very striking statement.

Of course such customisation can come at a price. Solid back painted glass worktops are in line with prices for say premium granite. Custom made pieces can vary from surprising affordable recycled glass designs up to real statement pieces that can account for up-to 30% of the overall budget. But the impact and wow factor is undeniable.

Care wise, like any luxury worktop they do need to be treated with respect. Whilst they are hard wearing and scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof, especially the gloss finishes. It is not that glass worktops need to be treated with kid gloves, not by any means but care should taken when items such as rough bottomed cooking pans are placed on the surface. We often encourage clients to take home samples of any type of luxury worktop and use and abuse those samples so you can see exactly for yourself how hard wearing each type of material is and if suits you own particular needs. Cleaning is a breeze where mild detergent or glass cleaner is all you are ever going to need. They are also very low maintenance and do not require sealing.


  • Hard wearing,
  • High level of customisation,
  • Stain proof,
  • Zero maintenance,
  • Instant luxury,
  • Quirky layouts possible.


  • Can be expensive,
  • Non repairable (At least not invisible repairs).


  • Simple mild detergent or glass cleaner

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