Corian Worktops Brighton

We have to confess that Corian solid surface worktops are probably our favourite type of worktops we fit in our Brighton kitchens. You can create beautiful designs with Corian that just aren’t possible in any other surface. In addition it is the only type of work surface that is completely seamless due to its fabrication and installation methods.

The look and feel of Corian is also unique being warm and inviting to the touch. Whilst it is certainly one of the more expensive options available, your investment is well protected as they can easily be repaired should they become damaged, be it minor scratching or more serious like burns and chips. Corian also comes with a manufacturers 10 year guarantee.

Corian is by far the market leader and most well know in the UK but there are a number of other brands which are also worth a look at such as Hanex, LG Hi-Macs, Samsung Staron. All available from Kitchen Republic on request. In addition we have solid surface blanks which are designed to fabricated on site, such as Mistral, Maia, Getacore and Bushboard Encore. Some of which are 100% solid acrylic and others a chipboard base with 3-6mm acrylic topping. These options can work out quite cost effective depending on the project, however due to their set dimensions the design possibilities are diminished somewhat.

Maintenance wise they are very easy to upkeep and a lot of the fears about easy staining associated with these types of work surface are unfounded, yes they will stain if abused but it’s not a worktop which needs to be wrapped in cotton wool. One valid point to consider is that dark colours can show scratches quite readily, although this only applies to some brands which suffer more than others. But hey that is why we are here to advise you which material and which brand is going to be most suited to your project, based on the design, layout, use and colour.

Corian solid surface worktops suit most style of kitchen with perhaps the exception of Olde English Country.


  • Very stylish
  • Soft and warm to the touch,
  • Hygienic,
  • Easily repaired,
  • Invisible joints,
  • Infinate design layouts


  • One of the more costly options,
  • Some dark colours can show scratches,
  • Not heat resistant.


  • Simple mild detergent,

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