Kitchen Worktops Brighton

With kitchen worktops accounting for a large surface area of your kitchen, it is only natural that careful consideration of material, colour and texture plays a huge part in the overall look and feel of the design and its success. We would even go so far as to suggest it is almost as important to get this right as it is to selecting the perfect kitchen doors. For this reason we offer a wide and varied selection of kitchen worktops to choose from.

Worktops can be used to dramatically change the whole room scheme in one easy step. They can be used to compliment the kitchen doors whereby selecting a similar colour and texture harmonises the design or used to vividly contrast the rest of the room to make a bold statement. In addition it is becoming increasing popular to mix and match worktop materials to add interest or designate various areas of the kitchen. Granite and timber working particularly well together.

We will of course guide you through the process and advise you on the various pros and cons of each type available to you.

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