Comprex – Vintage

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Comprex Kitchens - Vintage This kitchen reintroduces an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Its aesthetic appeal recalls traditional values offering an extremely refined kitchen. Available Finishes - Comprex Vintages Finishes

Comprex KItchens – Segno (Young)

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Comprex - Segno (Young) The sign is the perfect synthesis of form and content, message and its representation. The considerable thickness of this range gives value to the material and the tact just like the fundamental and primary sense in the kitchen. Perfect combination of functionality and sophistication, elegance and [...]

Comprex – Forma (Glam)

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Comprex Kitchens - Forma (Glam) With this range Comprex expresses the essence of the contemporary style kitchen: design and functionality. The return to a more traditional thickness gives the kitchen cabinet a look increasingly tied to the living. Forma is dedicated to those who love the kitchen as a place [...]

Comprex Kitchens – Alumina

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Comprex Kitchens - Alumina Alumina prefers the tactile pleasure of the tangible thin plot given by special brushing. With just 11 mm of thickness, it maintains the technical and mechanical characteristics of the aluminium, which is fully recyclable; moreover, it is available in 4 different metallic colours. [...]

Comprex Kitchens – Filo (Young)

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Comprex Kitchens - Filo (Young) Where the character meets balance, the picture tells the substance... In the elegant dimension of Filo, a slight line harmonizes with its function. Its cyma that slides all along its same figure, follows the entire perimeter of the kitchen and turns out to be at [...]

Comprex Kitchens Sintesi.30 (Class)

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Comprex Kitchens - Sintesi (Class) The Redefinition of Space Sintesi.30 aims to the symmetrical geometries of the monolith and does not pause on details, by pointing straight to the pure essence of forms. The always inspiring collaboration with the designers Marconato&Zappa has produced a linear design, which is appreciated for [...]