Project Description

Comprex Kitchens – Linea (Glam)

Clean design, minimalism of shapes and maximum creativity. Like a perfectly tuned piano able to make every interpretation perfect. Sophisticated and stylish, the Glam Lifestyle is dedicated to those who choose the “design first”. Every piece of furniture has reinvented the space with an almost architectural significance to the elimination of unnecessary and exaltation of form. Clean lines, sophisticated finishes, elegant design. The real luxury is the search for uniqueness.

Pure synthesis of form and substance: Linea, the luxury of simplicity. A new 12mm thick system  completely cross that combines semplicity of design and substance.  Linea is dedicated to a sophisticated audience looking for delicate emotions and understatement is their way of life. Linea defines the kitchen with simplicity, elegance and purity of form. Several options of finishes and combinations. Whatever its interpretation, this system is able to produce a clean and minimalist, glamorous and sophisticated result.

Avaliable Finishes – Comprex Linea Finishes