Project Description

Comprex Kitchens – Sintesi (Class)

The Redefinition of Space

Sintesi.30 aims to the symmetrical geometries of the monolith and does not pause on details, by pointing straight to the pure essence of forms. The always inspiring collaboration with the designers Marconato&Zappa has produced a linear design, which is appreciated for the cleanliness and purity of its details, among them the hidden handle. The thick doors take their spaces without having to find compromises and convey a feeling of solidity combined with elegance. All this thanks also to the exclusive finishes. Practicality and adaptability are values always in demand and here also confirmed by professional users. The identity of SINTESI.30 lies in its simplicity, minimalism, refinement and adaptability, being the result of a research that led to the creation of a system just as beautiful to look at and to live.

Available finishes – Comprex Sintesi.30 Finishes