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Comprex Kitchens

Established in 1982 in Codognè, near Treviso, Comprex represents one of the most groundbreaking company’s in its field, thanks to the particular design and strategic dynamism.
Comprex distinguishes itself by its “cosmopolitan soul”, the extraordinary design and the ability to make recognizable products reinforcing the brand’s peculiarities.

By interpreting the lifestyles in a global key, it offers products enjoying great success on international markets. Comprex expanded kitchen rooms extremely functioning, which became unique by the planning content, the refined design and the constantly research of a better productive quality.

The cornerstones of Comprex’ values are the grounded and continuous activity of research and development, the undisputed quality of the product, an extended finishes choice inserted in a  valued technical system that allow planning innovation, the flexibility in customising the product  and the flawless service.

Comprex Kitchens – Linea (Glam)

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Comprex Kitchens - Linea (Glam) Clean design, minimalism of shapes and maximum creativity. Like a perfectly tuned piano able to make every interpretation perfect. Sophisticated and stylish, the Glam Lifestyle is dedicated to those who choose the "design first". Every piece of furniture has reinvented the space with an almost [...]

Comprex Kitchens – Lignum

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Comprex Kitchens - Lignum Lignum is the evocative power of wood. Its harmonic filigree, in the continuity between the door and the frame, is an unexpected interpreter matching with the cyma system. The 3 wood finishes can be combined with the glasses of Silica or the aluminium of Alumina, by [...]

Comprex Kitchens – Silica

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Comprex Kitchens - Silica Silica is a program stated by the refined elegance of a door with only 13 mm thickness which matches the glass applied to the aluminium. A feeling of light that is never the same, but that has always of an equal charm. It is available in [...]