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Welcome to our online kitchen showroom. Here you will find the many different styles and brands of the kitchens we design, supply and fit throughout Brighton, Hove and Sussex.

Kitchen Republic is a fully independent supplier of kitchen furniture and over the years we have nurtured working relationships with some of biggest and best kitchen brands in Europe whilst not forgetting some of the more young and dynamic new kids on the block. Due to our independent nature, the driving force is not to select our kitchens based on manufacturer tie-ins, ease of sale or profit margins. No, the kitchens we supply are carefully selected to suit a wide and varied collection of styles, quality and price points. This allows us to match our customers with a kitchen that perfectly suits their desires while keeping within budget, be it £5,000 or £50,000.

While this online showroom is here to provide you with inspiration and insight in to the possibilities of modern kitchen living, we urge you to contact us so you can utilise our expertise in guiding and advising you on the kitchen which is right for you. As you will see from the kitchens on display, many of the brands will have a number of very similar, if not identical looking kitchens. It is our job to explain the differences between such kitchens and why there can be a difference in quality and price.

It is our aim to give you all the information you need in order to make an informed decision on how and where your budget is spent, on what is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most important investments in your home.

For ease of navigation our kitchens have grouped in to the following categories…
(Please Note: Some kitchens can appear under multiple categories, for example “Comprex Essenza Kitchen” will appear under the following headings, “Comprex”, “Italian Designer kitchens”, “Modern Kitchens” and “handleless kitchens”)

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Modern Designer Kitchens – Our modern designer kitchens are suited to those after a simple clean lines with form and function at the forefront.

Contempoary Kitchens – Our widest selections of kitchens which range from popular slab style doors to more tradtional styles with a contemporary twist.

Traditional Kitchens – From country cottage to stately home grandeur, you’ll find it all within our range of tradtionally styled kitchens


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British Kitchens – We offer a number of locally produced kitchens which all exude typical English craftsmanship.

German Designer Kitchens If it’s German precision engineering you’re after, then look no further than Stormer Küchen who fabricate kitchens like only the Germans know how.

Italian Designer Kitchens – The Italians are world-renowned ambassadors of style, and these stunningly beautiful kitchens from Comprex only enforces that outlook.


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