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With over 200 kitchens styles and designs to choose from, Kitchen:Republic is the right choice for you! From design through to complete installation we are your one stop shop for kitchens in the Brighton & Hove and throughout the south east.



Dedicated To Brighton’s Fitted Kitchens

Welcome to Kitchen Republic. Here you will find some of Brighton’s most dynamic kitchen professionals working tirelessly to produce kitchens with class, style but above all… functionality! We cater for most budgets, from the simplest practical designs right up to high-spec masterpieces with all the trimmings. The company is perfectly placed within the industry to understand your needs and deliver your project successfully.

Starting with our kitchen designers who will guide you along the process and produce plans of your new kitchen with the latest CAD software, right through to our talented Brighton kitchen fitters making the whole project a reality. Almost everything is dealt with in house, from the initial design to the last finishing touches. However should you require a simple supply only service. We are only too happy to help.

Quite simply Service and Quality at a realistic price.

We aren’t cheap and we aren’t expensive, but offer point blank value for money. Kitchen Republic has always treated its customers how ‘we ourselves expect to be treated’. That tagline gets used far too often, almost to the extent it’s become a cliché; however we mean it and always have done. We go to great lengths to select our suppliers who give us fantastic service at competitive prices, so in turn we can do the same for you.

We operate a ‘can do’ service. Of course we attend to all the areas we are naturally expected to, however we are experienced in complete property refurbishment so have the skills and contacts to undertake almost anything you could imagine, want a wallpapered resin floor for your kitchen? Or maybe you want that perfect kitchen tap that is only available from a boutique designer in Bulgaria? We’ll sort it, no problem.

Service and Quality, No Compromise.

Our pricing is open, transparent and honest. Unlike most companies we don’t lump our price in to one round figure where you are left wondering just what you are paying for.

No, we list in detail just where your money is being spent. Each and every item is broken down in to fine detail, the units, the handles, the fitting… and if you choose our complete installation package, you’ll know down to what every tin of paint or each bag of tile adhesive is costing you! What’s more we will list the brands we are using so you can be sure it is of only the highest quality and suitable for the job in hand.

Hidden Extras? There are none! If a certain item hasn’t been agreed, then we will leave a realistic budget in our price for that or we will tell you it hasn’t been allowed for. Even if it’s an area we are not quoting for we will advise you on likely costs. You put your trust in us to guide you as we know what will and won’t be needed, so we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t include every item so you can budget accordingly.

Quite simply we have spent years in the building industry and have seen how home owners get initial prices together only to be hit with thousands of pounds worth of ‘extras’ taking them well over budget. That just isn’t cricket.

Transparent, honest, realistic pricing from Kitchen Republic

We promise to pair you with a kitchen that suits you at the right price. We promise to give you all the details you need to make an informed choice and to guide you every step of the way.

The materials we use will be of the highest quality and we’ll explain exactly why we have selected those materials to suit your job, no corners cut in the name of profit here.

What’s more we promise to educate you in all things kitchen. We’ll even go so far as to advise you if we feel a competitor would be better suited to your needs, we doubt it mind you, but still we have in the past and would do so again.

An honest and transparent service from Kitchen Republic Brighton

Now we could wax lyrical about how every project is delivered on time, on budget and without hiccups. But like we say, we are honest and realistic. Whilst the vast majority of projects do run smoothly, it is not how you bask in glory of such perfection, but how you deal with any problems that really matters to our customers.

Our experiance in the kitchen fitting industry gives us great insight in to the potential obstacles with any given project and we allow for and advise you of these well before we even start. This provides the perfect grounding to planning your project from the outset. No surprises, no eye-watering ‘extras’, just deliverance.

A welcome refreshing change we hope you’ll agree!


Professional Kitchen Designers

  • Graphical CAD designs showcasing your new fitted kitchen – FREE!
  • Door samples you can take away and view in the comfort of your home.
  • Experianced in designing complete rooms – Lighting, flooring… even sound systems!
  • Multiple layout options so you can choose your perfect fit.
  • Floor plans, Full colour images. Unit lists, Worktop templates
  • All brought to life by our Brighton Kitchen Fitters

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